Yamagata-Shonai Area "Three Japan Heritage"
and Feel Japanese Contryside
~Nature, History, Culture, Gastronomy~

Shonai has three Japan Heritage "The Three Mountains of Dewa~A Journey to Rebirth~", "Kitamaebune", "Samurai Silk". And there are full of nature, history, traditional culture, and excellemt foods.
This is the tour that 3 night 4 days, you can interact with local people and enjoy countryside charm.


Full Year

Suggested Sales Fee

300,000 yen / JPY

Included in Fee
Transportation expenses from the meeting place, Meal expenses during the tour, Facillity admission fees, Accomodation fees(including bathing tax)


  • (1st Day)Sendai AP⇒Sakata city[stay]
  • (2nd Day)Hotel⇒Maruike pond / Ushiwata river⇒Sanno-club("Kasafuku" making experience)⇒SAKATA french(lunch)⇒Sankyo-soko⇒Furukuchi port~〈Mogami-river Hanamachibune〉~Kusanagi port⇒Tsuruoka city[stay]
  • (3rd Day)Hotel⇒Hanabusa-shoyu⇒Atoku Sensei's House⇒Pino Collina Matsugaoka(lunch)…Matsugaoka's Silk Farm⇒Mt.Haguro Sanjingosaiden⇒Yunohama Onsen[stay]
  • (4th Day)Hotel⇒Kamo aquarium⇒Zenpoji temple⇒Shonai Kanko Bussankan(lunch)⇒Sendai AP
Maximum Guest Number 30 people
Minimum Guest Number 10 people
Reservation Deadline 14day before
Inventory Inquiry Required
Language Tour Guide Support
Required Information ①Date②Group Name③Number of People④Tour Guide Name④Contact Address ⑤Allergy Information / Special Dietary Restrictions⑥Payment Method(On the day by cash・Bank transfer in advance)
Meeting Place / Time Sendai AirportInternational Arrival Lobby/5 p.m.
Cancellation Fee Starting from the day before the tour start date
・20~8day before/20% ・7~2day before/30% ・befoe the date/40% ・the daye/50%
・After the start of th etour and no contact/100%
Facility / Toransportation Mogamikyo Basyo Line Kanko, Hanabusa-shoyu, le Pot Au Feau, Sanno-club, Sankyo-soko, Atoku Sensei's House, Pino Collina Matsugaoka, Matsugaoka's Silk Farm, Sanjingosaiden, Kamo Aquarium, Shonai Kanko Bussankan, Hotel(Sakata and Tsuruoka city)
Caution 【Regular Day Off】le Pot Au Feau(Wed)・Sanno-club(Dec-Feb/Tue)・Atoku Sensei's House(Mon)・Pino Collina Matsugaoka(Irregular holidays)・Silk MIRAI center(Wed)