Two days trip of Rokujurigoe-Kaido, Old pilgrimage route of Dewa.(C)

Trip of Rokujurigoe-Kaido, Old pilgrimage route of Dewa.


Two days trip with a skipper guide and an interpreter (English or Chinese) . You can ovesee the ancient Japansepeople's way of thinking and back grounds of pilgrimage with nature worship and a"Trip to Reborn".

Day1:Highlight of Rokujuri-goe Kaido ancient pilgrimage route with 1200years history. You will walk from Nanatsudaki falls to Senninzawa creek along in the forest and steep passes, then head for Main shrine of Mt.Yudono to feel "the real Trip to Reborn in Three holly mountains of Dewa" Stay at Yudonosan-sanrojo Mountain Lodge.

Day2:Walk spiritual part of Rokujuri-goe Kaido Pilgrimage route, visit and worship two temples with Sokushinbutu, self-mummified priests. You may oversee the religious backgrounds of faith for sokushinbtsu with lectures from priestess. Later part you visit Oudan no Sugi, Imperial Big Cedar Tree, with a legend of ancient imperial family.

June 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023
(except August 10th to August 15th)

Course Meal
Day 1 08:00 Depart S-Mall Bus Terminal → 08:10 Tsuruoka Station → 【Rokujurigoe-Kaido(Dewa's Pilgrimage) 】 → Start walking from Nanatsudaki falls parking ・・・ The ruins of Dokko-Chaya tea house ・・・ Ohonogi big pass ・・・12:30 Hosogoe-toge pass (Bento Lunch)- Zange-saka Hill ・・・ 14:00~15:00 Worship at Mt.Yudono Main Shrine → Mt. Yudono Resthouse →  17:00 Yudonosan-sanrojo Mt. Lodge. Breakfast:×
Day 2 08:00 Depart Yudonosan-sanrojo Mt. Lodge → 9:30~10:30 Worship Selfmummyfied priest and sightsee the tumb at Honmyoji Temple ・・・ 【Rokujurigoe-Kaido(Dewa's Pilgrimage) 】 ・・・12:00 Churenji Temple(Bento Lunch) ・・・14:20~15:00 Dainichibo Temple ・・・ Odanno Sugi Big Cider Tree → 16:50 Tsuruoka Station → 17:00 Arrive S-Mall Bus Terminal Breakfast:◯

Per person /Same price for one child (elementary school student)
※infants not allowed

[Included in price] Chartered mini-bus、Warship fee、Lunch-box、Accommodation at Yudonosan-sanrojo Mountain lodge (incl. dinner & breakfast)、Tour-escort、Mountain- Guide、Interpreter(Engligh、Chinese)

Tour Code dewakodo-C
Tour title Two days trip of Rokujurigoe-Kaido, Old pilgrimage route of Dewa.(C)
Days Two days trip
Maximum guest number 10
Minimum guest number 4
Caution ※Participants must bring shoes suitable for trekking, warm clothes during winter, rainwear, and any other equipment the participant requires for a safe hike (trekking poles, suncap, sunglasses, etc.). Please bring your own water supply and food.