Stay in Mt. Yudono
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An extraordinary Japanese Inn that offers unparalleled experiences at one of the few locations designated as a Japan Heritage spot.

Yudonosan sanrosho
dinner(Yamabushi ryori)
Gods hot springs (Goshin’yu)
Gods hot springs (Goshin’yu)
Gods hot springs (Goshin’yu)
Gods hot springs (Goshin’yu)
1night , 2days


Stay at the Sanrojo Inn, an authentic shrine lodging right on Mt. Yudono.  Here you can also enjoy the traditional shoujin ryori (buddhist monk cooking) of the Yamabushi mountain monks who developed this cuisine by harvesting natural ingredients right from this mountain.


Have the exclusivity of bathing in the “Gods’ hot springs” (Goshin’yu), which commoners cannot enter easily (also called Senninzawa Onsen Goshin’yu)


(Includes 150yens for bathing fees)

June 1st,2024 to October 31st
Reservations are not available every Tuesday and Thursday.
*Please contact us if you have more than 4 people.

Course Meal
Day 1 Breakfast:×
Day 2 Breakfast:○

General Information

・Location: Mount Yudono Senninzawa Ootorii’s archgate
・Stay fees: from 11,000 yens. (Includes 150yens for bathing fees)
・Yudonosan Sanrojo opend on 1st June. It will operate until early November.
・Capacity: 100 persons
・Check in: from 15h00
・Curfew: 22h00
・Equipment: Television: NO Electrical outlets: YES

Refectory and meals(Dinner: 18:00 Breakfast: 07:00)

・Regular travelers: first floor, at Shinakura
・Group travel: first floor, at Shinzen no ma
We will call you once the meal is ready.


・The toilets on the first and second floor are both mixed and western-style (no squat toilet). The toilets are equipped with shower facilities.
・The toilets in the basement are squat toilets only.

Bathing and cleaning facilities

・On the first floor (separated for men and women).
・Bath’s capacity: up to 7-8 persons.
・Opening hours: 06:00 to 22

Goshin’yu bath

・Basement (Separated for men and women).
・Bath’s capacity: up to 4-5 persons.
・Opening hours: 06:00 to 22:00
The bath will be opened from the 1st of June.

Goshin’yu’s bath is there to allow pilgrims to soak into sacred water so one can be granted with the gods’ benediction both physically and mentally. Hence, there is nothing else but the bath and a praying altar. No shower facilities, no body wash facilities inside the room. Please complete washing in another room before entering this bath.

Daytime bathing (without staying at the lodging)

Possible from 09:00 to 15:00
Fee: 800yens

Valuable items

Please use the lockers on the 1st floor next to the stairs.

More information

・No towel, bath towel, toothbrush, or bath clothing will be provided. Please bring your own.
 Towels will be for sale (550yens/piece)
 Please prepare your bed and tide it yourself.
・There is a drinks self-vending machine at the first floor at the entrance (sells: beers, juices)
・The Japanese confectionery and snacks available in the room can be bought at the resthouse under Sanrojo.
・If you want more, please address Yudono Resthouse to buy some more. (opening hours: 08:00-16:30)

There are two types of public baths in Sanrojo Inn.  One modern one on the first floor and one traditional one on the basement floor. Please understand that these are public baths and that there are no private bathing options. 

In Nibuminakami Shrine that worships the Water Goddess half the way to the top of Mt. Yudono, there is a special hot spring particular for the quality of its water. The temperature out of the source is of 18 degrees and carbon dioxide is present in big quantities inside the water, which is very rare in Japan. This water is what we call “The Water of the Gods” (Kami no yu), the onsen of Yudonosan Sanrosho lodge. Inside the bath room you will find an altar dedicated to Amaterasu’s sister Nibutsu Hime no Kami, the goddess of Mercury. Hence, the bath water is somehow filled with the soft and gentle power of the goddess. To enter the bath, please bow once in front of the praying Altar before soaking into the water. Feel all the change that occurred from your “Rebirth Journey” during that delighting moment.


Fees: Free for people who stay at the lodge
Open hours: 6:00-22:00 (stay) 09:00-15:00 (people who don’t stay)
Helpful for: Hypertension, Painful periods, Mental diseases, Digestive system troubles, Diabetes, Obesity, Arteriosclerosis, Chronic Skin diseases, Fatigue
(People with the following conditions: Acute diseases (especially if you have sudden fevers), kidney failures, respiratory system troubles, should refrain from bathing)
Other: There is no shower facilities inside the bathroom, please use the facilities on the first floor prior to bathing. Please also take in consideration the capacity of the bath tub is limited (4 to 5 persons at the same time).
It might be possible you will need to make a reservation to get access during crowded periods.

Dainichi Nyorai (Symbol of Eternal Life) is a symbol of the capacity of sprawling nature, is god of the mountains, the source of all life—hence the name “mountain of the future.” Mt. Yudono is a sacred place, where visitors feel reborn after touching the Goshintai monument (Yudono san jinja hongu) from which warm water flows.

Learn the visit ritual of Mt Yudono’s Shrine (Yudono san jinja hongu)

1. Take off your shoes and socks and receive the paper amulet
2. Breathe on the paper amulet and rub your body with it to purify yourself
3. Admire the unique divine statues of this sacred place

Fire’s prayer

Clean your heart from sins through fire, relive in a whole new you, and receive the new life you received from the gods

Onikkusai’s offerings

Assist the morning’s offerings called Omike to the Shinto gods, that takes place every morning at 6am.

Receive your own shuin (seal stamp given by shrines and temple)

Receive your shuin from Mt. Haguro or Mt. Yudono (their format is unique in all Japan)

Tour Code FG0021
Tour title Stay in Mt. Yudono
Days 1night , 2days
Fee (per person)
Tour conductor NO
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