Zen experience at Zenpoji temple (2 days)

1night , 2days

Dragon god has been enshrined at Zempoji temple. Zempoji temple Saijoji temple and Myogenji temple are known for 3 major temple of Japanese Buddihism Zen sect in Japan.

Departure Date

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(6-12 elementary school students 8,000yen)

Days Time Schedule
1 15:00 Meet up at Zenpoji Temple (Explanation about Zen experience)
16:00 Admission with a guide
17:00 “薬石 Yakuseki (supper in Zen temple) ”
Chopsticks manner and meal serving, Those are one of the important practices.
18:00 “夜坐 Yaza (Meditation at night) ”
We meditate after stretching and relaxing body.
20:00 “沐浴 Mokuyoku (Ablution) ”
Soak in the bath without talking.
21:00 “開枕 Kaichin ( Bringing out the pillows and futon and sleeping)”
2 5:00 “振鈴 Shinrei(Get up and get dress) ”
The "bell" is an "alarm clock" in the training dojo. When it is time to get up, the monk goes around the morning while waving a bell.
5:10 “暁天座禅 Kyoten Zazen”
We meditate in the silent morning while the bell called 梵鐘Bonsho:the bell of Buddhist temple is ringing.
5:40 “朝祈祷 Asakitou (Worship in the moring)”
7:00 “小食 Syojiki (Breakfast)”
The menu is rice porridge Sesame salt and Japanese picles.
8:00 “作務 Samu (Cleaning)”
Wipe the main fall corridor intently.
9:00 “法話 Howa (The sermon of monk)”
10:00 Summarization
11:00 End


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Tour Code FG0030
Tour title Zen experience at Zenpoji temple (2 days)
Days 1night , 2days
Price (per person)

(6-12 elementary school students 8,000yen)

Minimum number of participants 10people
Included in Price Accomodation fee (1night 2meals) ・activity fee refer to this itenerary.