Unique sushi workshop experience at Kamo Aquarium


Work with sashimi from freshly caught fish off the coast of the Shonai Region and make a variety of sushi alongside some of the top chefs in this region.
During this work shop you will see how whole fish are butchered into sashimi, learn how to make both rolled and nigiri sushi, and enjoy a meal designed around your sushi with the chef.


The chef teaching this course may vary depending on their availability.
The admission to the Kamo Aquarium exhibits are a separate cost from this experience.

Start End Duration Subject
〈Start〉10:00am 〈End〉10:10am 〈Duration〉10minutes Meet the chef in the restaurant of the Kamo Aquarium and introduce each other.
〈Start〉10:10am 〈End〉10:30am 〈Duration〉20minutes Watch as the chef prepares a freshly caught fish into sashimi that we will use in the workshop.
〈Start〉10:30am 〈End〉11:30am 〈Duration〉60minutes Learn how to make nigiri and rolled sushi via variety of methods and techniques from the chef.
Then try your hand at making your own sushi course with full support from the chef and his assistants.
You will be working with fresh ingredients from the Shonai Region including fresh fish caught in the sea that surrounds the restaurant.
〈Start〉11:30am 〈End〉12:00noon 〈Duration〉30minutes Enjoy the sushi you made together with other dishes prepared by the chef.
- - - Departure.
Tour Code FG0030
Tour title Unique sushi workshop experience at Kamo Aquarium
Time required 2 Hours
(1 session, excluding tax)
7,000 yen
Other Fees
(excluding tax)
Dates Weekdays or by Request
Minimum guest number 3
Maximum guest number 15
Reservation deadline 5 Days Before

There is a bus from Tsuruoka Station operated by Shonai Kotsu that stops at the Kamo Aquarium.
This bus heads towards Yunohama Onsen and takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the aquarium.

(Price/Transportation time from this place)

  1. ① Taxi:You may take a taxi from anywhere in Shonai directly to the Kamo Aquarium where the restaurant is located.
  2. ② Rental Car:The Kamo Aquarium has a large and free parking lot for guests driving themselves.
  3. ③ Bus:There is a bus line that operates from Tsuruoka City that stops right in front of the Kamo Aquarium.