【Japan Heritage】
Ancient Pilgrimage Route :
the “Rokujurigoe-kaido” (Course 3)

Walk with guide, you can feel history and culture.


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◆The "Rokujurigoe-Kaido," also known as "The Pilgrimage Route to Dewa Sanzan (the Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa)," is a 1400 years old route crisscrossed by many vestiges and historical remains hidden inside Yamagata's wild and beautiful nature. Hiking the Rokujurigoekaido
◆We can arrange guiding and interpretation throughout the whole hike.
◆The path is divided into three sections. You can choose to hike the entire trail or select the course that fits you most.

01JUN,21 till 31OCT,21

Course Meal
Day 1 Tsuruoka station (07:00~08:00) → 《Yamagata Expressway》 → 【Rokujurigoe-Kaido (Dewa's Pilgrimage)】 Mt.Yudono Toll Road Gate … Oguki pass … Fudoin's vestiges …Gassan Shizu Onsen …Shizu Kuchidomebansho → 《Yamagata Expressway》 → Tsuruoka station (16:20~17:20) Breakfast:×
〈Van Taxi 〉
7 persons/1car 6 persons/1car 5 persons/1car 4 persons/1car
14,100yen 16,400yen 19,700yen 24,600yen
3 persons/1car 2 persons/1car
26,800yen 40,100yen

(Per person /Same price for one child)

Tour Code FE0123-A
Tour title Ancient Pilgrimage Route : the “Rokujurigoe-kaido” (Course 3)
Days day-trip
Maximum guest number 7
Minimum guest number 2
Caution ※ Participants must bring shoes suitable for trekking, warm clothes during winter, rainwear, and any other equipment the participant requires for a safe hike (trekking poles, suncap, sunglasses, etc.). Please bring your own water supply and food.