【Japan Heritage】
Ancient Pilgrimage Route :
the “Rokujurigoe-kaido” (Course 1)

Follow the steps of our local guide and discover Northern Japan's most ancient spirituality.


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◆The "Rokujurigoe-Kaido," also known as "The Pilgrimage Route to Dewa Sanzan (the Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa)," is a 1400 years old route crisscrossed by many vestiges and historical remains hidden inside Yamagata's wild and beautiful nature. Hiking the Rokujurigoekaido
◆We can arrange guiding and interpretation throughout the whole hike.
◆The path is divided into three sections. You can choose to hike the entire trail or select the course that fits you most.

01JUN,21 till 31OCT,21

Course Meal
Day 1 Tsuruoka station (departure: 08:00~09:00) → 【Rokujurigoe-Kaido (Dewa's Pilgrimage)】 → Metsune…Juo Toge…Itaya Springs…Churenji temple…Dainichibo Temple (Odan no Sugi's giant cedar tree)…Sainokami Toge…Yanagi Srpings…Tamugiso Inn & Restaurant―Tsuruoka station (arrival: 16:15~17:15) Breakfast:×
〈Van Taxi 〉
7 persons/1car 6 persons/1car 5 persons/1car 4 persons/1car
8,500yen 9,900yen 11,900yen 14,800yen
3 persons/1car 2 persons/1car
16,800yen 25,200yen

(Per person /Same price for one child)

Tour Code FE0121-A
Tour title Ancient Pilgrimage Route : the “Rokujurigoe-kaido” (Course 1)
Days day-trip
Maximum guest number 7
Minimum guest number 2
Caution ※Entrance fees to Churenji Temple and Dainichibo Temple are not included. Participants who wish to visit the temples or see the sokushinbutsu mummies will need to pay the entrance fees separately.
※Participants must bring shoes suitable for trekking, warm clothes during winter, rainwear, and any other equipment the participant requires for a safe hike (trekking poles, suncap, sunglasses, etc.). Please bring your own water supply and food.