Soothing tour inside Shonai region’s local culture

【You can buy seasonal furuits in Aomoriya!】
Experience relaxing your body and mind journey in Shonai.


[Kamo Aquarium]

<There were listed in Guiness World Records as number of jellyfish exhibition>
You can enjoy the many type of jellyfish. "Jellyfish Dream theater " is 16ft moon shaped tank in diameter !
You will relax with watching Jellyfish .


<Farmer's restaurant in Shonai >
Have local vegetable lunch while enjoying the Shonai pastoral landscape.

[Togashi Candle shop]

<The traditional candle (絵ろうそく e-rosoku ) in Tsuruoka. Let's paint some decolations on candle ! >
Wondering aicent Japan , Keep slowly and stay calm while you are painting .


<The seasonal fluit tart is very tasty ! >
You can enjoy seasonal fruits juice and fruit tart .

Course Meal
<AM> JR Tsuruoka Sta. (①09:45、②10:00、③10:30、④11:00)―Kamo Aquarium(①10:15~11:20、②10:30~11:35、③11:00~12:05、④11:30~12:35)―Farmar's restaurant Naa(Lunch/①11:45~12:45、②12:00~13:00、③12:30~13:30、④13:00~14:00)―Togashi Candle Shop (Painting a candle /①13:00~14:00、②13:15~14:15、③13:45~14:45、④14:15~15:15)―Fluits Shop "Aomoriya" (①14:05、②14:20、③14:50、④15:20) Breakfast:×
<AM> JR Tsuruoka Sta.(⑤11:15、⑥11:45)―Farmar's restaurant Naa(Lunch/⑤11:30~12:30、⑥12:00~13:00)―Kamo Aquarium(⑤12:55~14:00、⑥13:25~14:30)―Togashi Candle Shop(Painting a candle/⑤14:30~15:30、⑥15:00~16:00)―Fluits Shop "Aomoriya"(⑤15:35、⑥16:05) Breakfast:×
<PM> JR Tsuruoka Sta.(⑦12:00、⑧12:30、⑨13:00)―Farmar's restaurant Naa(Lunch/⑦12:15~13:15、⑧12:45~13:15、⑨13:15~14:15)―Togashi Candle Shop(Painting a candle/⑦13:30~14:30、⑧14:00~15:00、⑨14:30~15:30)―Kamo Aquarium(⑦15:00~16:00、⑧15:30~16:30、⑨16:00~17:00)―Fluits Shop "Aomoriya"(⑦16:30、⑧17:00、⑨17:30) Breakfast:×
8 people 7 people 6 people 5 people
8,600yen 9,100yen 9,800yen 10,800yen
4 people 3 people 2 people 1 people
10,600yen 12,500yen 16,200yen 27,400yen

[Included in price]Hired taxi, Admission fee of Kamo Aquarium, Lunch, Experience fee of Candle painting, Travel insurrance
[Excluded in price]Toll,Parking fee

A full year [1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021]
※Days Out of Service /Tuesday , The 3rd Sunday and New years holiday

Tour Code FE0054
Tour title Soothing tour inside Shonai region’s local culture
Days day-trip
Price 8 people 8,600yen
7 people 9,100yen
6 people 9,800yen
5 people 10,800yen
4 people 10,600yen
3 people 12,500yen
2 people 16,200yen
1 people 27,400yen
(Per person /Same price for one child)
Tour conductor Without tour conductor
Minimum number of participants 1
Other ※This course will finish at Fluits Shop Aomoriya . So please go to Tsuruoka Station by your own.
※This course will change itenerary refer to departure time AM or PM.