【Japan Heritage】The Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa
Ancient Pilgrimage Route : the “Rokujurigoe-kaido” and Mt. Yudono’s Shrine

Mt.Yudono is known to be a secret place.


◆Walk with guide in "Rokujurigoe-kaido" which bustled with people who worship for Dewasanzan.
◆"Don't Tell, Don't Listen" This tradition have handed down since days of old. In main shrine of Mt.Yudono, taking picuture is forbiden still.

01JUN,21 till 31OCT,21

Course Meal
Day 1 JR Tsuruoka St.(8:50dep.)―Tsuruoka IC=《Yamagata Expressway》=Mt.Yudono IC―Toll Road Fee Station in Mt.Yudono(9:50/10:10)…【Rokujurigoe-Kaido(The Ancient Road of Dewa)】…Mt.Yudono Sanrojo(lunch/12:10~13:00)…Main Shrine of Mt.Yudono(13:30~14:30)≠≠Mt.Yudono Resthouse(14:40)―Mt.Yudono IC=《Yamagata Expressway》=Tsuruoka IC―Tsuruoka Sta.(15:40arr.) Breakfast:×
7 people/1car 6 people/1car 5 people/1car
9,000yen 10,000yen 11,400yen
4 people/1car 3 people/1car 2 people/1car
13,600yen 15,100yen 20,500yen

(Per person /Same price for one child)

Tour Code FE0051-A
Tour title Ancient Pilgrimage Route : the “Rokujurigoe-kaido” and Mt. Yudono’s Shrine
Days day-trip
Maximum guest number 7
Minimum guest number 2
Caution ※You have to prepare treking shoes, winter clothes, rain wear and so on. And you have to prepare some food, water to emargency.